Legislative Corner

Local 3599 Exercising More of its Might on the Legislative Front

Rachel Shonfield, MMDO

Legislative action is another way to assist our members.  Congress controls EEOC's budget, both the amount and how the money is spent.  Congress also exercises oversight of the EEOC.  Though letters, e-mails, and calls to members of Congress we can get attention to member issues, such as EEOC's staffing shortage.   Lawmakers are most attentive to their own constituents, i.e., those who are able to vote for them.  Because our Local covers so many states, we have the attention of quite a few members of Congress. We can take advantage of all the Congressional districts Local 3599 spans, in order to produce oversight pressure, which will benefit our membership.

To learn about the Union legisliatve action and what you can do, click here.  To look up your United States Representative visit www.house.gov and to look up your two Senators visit www.senate.gov. For contact information for EEOC'c Oversite Committees Click here.

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