Click to Help EEOC's Budget/Staffing Crisis
The Administration wants to cut EEOC's budget by over $ million when the civil rights agency is already suffering a staffing crisis and facing a mounting backlog of cases.

We all need to urge our members of Congress to: (1) Not cut EEOC’s budget; (2) Get EEOC more staff; and (3) Get rid of EEOC’s outsourced call center, which costs millions, and redirect those funds in-house.  The easiest way to get this message out is to click on this link:
This will take you to an automatic message that will be e-mailed to your members of Congress just by typing in your address and pressing send.  
Please pass this link onto all friends, families, neighbors and organizations who care about EEOC's ongoing ability to enforce this nations laws which protect against discrimination in the workplace. 
It is important that all members of Congress hear from us.  However, it is especially important to reach out to members of EEOC's appropriations subcommittee, listed below.  If one of these is your own representative (you can look up your member on, please send the e-mail and also contact Rachel Shonfield at for more information on visiting and calling subcommittee members.
                            EEOC's Appropriations Subcommittee: Science, Commerce, Justice and State
Frank R. Wolf, VA (R - Chairman)
Committee on AppropriationsAlan B. Mollohan, WV (D - Ranking Member)
Committee on AppropriationsCharles H. Taylor, NC (R)
Committee on AppropriationsJose E. Serrano, NY (D)
Committee on AppropriationsMark Steven Kirk, IL (R)
Committee on AppropriationsRobert E. "Bud" Cramer, Jr., AL (D)
Committee on AppropriationsDave Weldon, FL (R)
Committee on AppropriationsPatrick J. Kennedy, RI (D)
Committee on AppropriationsVirgil Goode, VA (R)
Committee on AppropriationsChaka Fattah, PA (D)
Committee on AppropriationsJohn Abney Culberson, TX (R)
Committee on AppropriationsRodney Alexander, LA (R)
Committee on AppropriationsTom DeLay, TX (R)