Chief Steward's Corner

According to AFGE 3599's Constitution: The Regional Steward shall serve as the chief advisor to the Local in processing grievances and in coordinating the training of the Local's representatives. The Regional Steward shall also process all step three grievances and all unfair labor practice charges, and shall be responsible for invoking arbitration, with the advise and consent of the Executive Board. The Regional Steward will receive quarterly reports from representatives regarding grievance activity in member offices. The Regional Steward shall also serve as the Sergeant- at-Arms at all annual meetings.

David Hamilton is the Regional (Chief) Steward for AFGE Local 3599. He is also the Steward of the Tampa Field Office.

Chief Steward's Tips to Union Members:* Request your Union Rep

According to the CBA Section 5.04: Bargaining unit employees have the right to UNION representation at any examination of an employee in the unit by a representative of the EMPLOYER in connection with an investigation if the employee reasonably believes that the meeting may result in disciplinary action against the employee and the employee requests UNION representation. Further examination of the employee at that meeting shall be suspended until a UNION Representative is given an opportunity to be present.
This is called the Weingarten right and was established by the Supreme Court. The key is that you must request your Union representative; management is not going to ask or remind you of this right. If you make the request and your steward is unavailable the meeting must stop.

Chief Steward's Tips for Stewards:
What You Need to Know to Request Information
* DOUGLAS FACTORS: A Zen Assault Upon Discipline- Written by Wendell Sims (Immediate Past Chief Steward)- Great article to help Steward's respond to adverse actions.